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Belgian CAA – Examiner Refresher Seminar – 2019/2020


December 2nd

May 1st
September 1st
December 1st

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Our TRE-course has a ten-year proven record of success, first for the UK and now for the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. It was one of the very first EASA compliant courses back in 2013.

Training is conducted under the wings of your future Belgian competent authority of oversight and therefore efficiently tailored to its specific needs and modus operandi.

Not only will you benefit from a personal introduction to the BCAA management and licensing department, but you will also be exempted from additional standardization briefings and therefore benefit from a better product and qualify in a more efficient time frame.

We are not limited to the more ‘traditional’ airline but equally present on the business aviation scene!

You will be trained beyond the ‘minimum required’ market standards and be, upon successful completion of the course, a real expert that can provide answers and solutions in close coordination with the Belgian CAA license department.

If you are an experienced SFI, TRI or CRI (HPCA), compliant with all EASA course prerequisites and you are sponsored by an operator then the sky is the limit!

We can, beyond doubt, prepare you for this impressive career move and make the difference!

Course attendance is subject to BCAA approval, so please be prepared for an initial screening and interview. Rest assured we have what it takes to make this a comfortable journey.

For those still in doubt, these are your advantages:

  • special offer with significant discount for airlines or groups
  • shorter, more flexible and efficient course
  • individual coaching, if required
  • working visit to the Belgian CAA to understand how things work behind the scenes
  • personal introduction to BCAA managers
  • highly specialized course tutors with expert & hands-on experience

Below you can download an information leaflet with more detailed information regarding initial qualifications.

Initial TRE/SFE Course Information Leaflet

Course information leaflet for individuals opting for personal coaching. For groups and airlines tailored solutions with flexible tutoring schemes and important discounts are readily available.

*For eATO course attendants only